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The highly acclaimed WFA global marketer conference is back.


The global marketer conference boasts (in one CMO’s words) “the most senior, and capable, line-up of its kind in the global marketing industry”.

This year the conference theme will be about becoming better brands: brands around the world are increasingly under the spotlight; accountable to people, planet, regulators and shareholders. How are the world's best marketers using their powers of creativity and innovation to build better and stronger brands which out stakeholders can be proud of? 

Join our marketing conference for a day of insightful discussions with industry leaders. Explore AB InBev's transformation into a marketing leader emphasizing sustainable growth, learn to effectively sell sustainability with Solitaire Townsend, and understand the importance of building trust in AI. Discover Nissan's innovative marketing strategies, delve into the role of culture in shaping consumer behavior, and explore the complexities of the modern CMO role. Finally, get a glimpse into the future of marketing with discussions on Generative AI's impact on brand growth. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic world of marketing.

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Venue: The Carlu

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