Global Media Talent research findings

Media’s got talent?

<p>Media’s got talent?</p>

About the study

This joint WFA and MediaSense study examining global media talent was launched in May 2022 on the back of the Media2025 research which revealed how 56% of brands felt that a skills shortage was holding the industry back.

Concerns pointed to the rapid (and unanticipated) rise of eCommerce (and failure to suitably resource), excessive ‘Covid-shedding’ which had not been fully replenished, and an overall lack of investment in entry level talent and talent management.

This research was designed to unpack this theme further, with input from all major stakeholders across the global media industry; brands, agencies, publishers and technology companies across all key media markets.

In what has become the largest study of its kind, this study represents views from:

  • 400 stakeholders, 81% at Director and above
  • 36% advertiser-side, 36% agency, 12% publisher/platform
  • 63% of responses came from EMEA, 24% from North America, 10% from APAC, 3% from LATAM

What do industry experts say about the talent shortage in media?

Belinda Smith, Second Arrow: “We need to start listening to our talent"

Gerry D'Angelo, P&G: “Meaningful work attracts and retains talent"

Chrissie Hanson, OMD: “Ongoing training is key to attract and retain talent"

Ryan Kangisser, MediaSense: “We need to offer clarity to our talent"

About the Media Forum

The Media Forum is a network for senior global media leads dedicated to providing providing insights, solutions and action for media-focused clients in the industry.

WFA’s Media Forum focuses on providing clarity within a global media market which has never been so complex. Planning, strategy and channel selection; routes-to-market; internal and external capability; media measurement, verification and evaluation; media auditing and consulting…all facets of the media industry have changed significantly in recent years. Clients have an imperative to ‘transform’ their media operations and this is where the WFA can help.

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