TV broadcasters thank advertisers in France during COVID-19 lockdown

TV broadcasters thank advertisers in France during COVID-19 lockdown

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Union des marques partners with French broadcasters and agencies to thank advertisers for supporting local media

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20 April 2020

Union des marques has partnered with SNPTV (association of TV sales houses) and AACC (agency association) to extend their gratitude to advertisers through a TV ad break. The campaign is a response to the estimated €60 million loss week-on-week in ad spend due to COVID-19 in France and is an acknowledgement of brands maintaining their advertising campaigns during the crisis, and in turn supporting local media.

Running since April 7th, SNPTV member channels displayed a message of thanks to the advertising industry and reminding the French public of the importance of advertising's presence on TV and the media for information and entertainment to remain accessible to all.

The TV ad break (translated from French) reads: “Brands that you are going to see in this ad break have decided to maintain their advertising campaigns. We want to thank them! Their investments are giving us the resources to be able to inform and entertain you. In a nutshell, be by your side every day.”

The initiative has also been replicated in New Zealand by ThinkTV with the support of ANZA New Zealand. For more information, please contact Union de marques.

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