In the spotlight: Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria’s Ediri Ose-Ediale

In the spotlight: Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria’s Ediri Ose-Ediale

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Meet Ediri Ose-Ediale, Executive Secretary of ADVAN

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  • Author:Ediri Ose-Ediale
    Executive Secretary, ADVAN Nigeria
19 October 2020

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I was born and raised in… Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria and the African continent. It is the sixth largest city in the world by population.

I started in the marketing industry… when I was working in the insurance industry. I established a marketing communications department for the business and served as its first head of Marketing and Corporate Communications. Convincing management regarding the need for strategic communications for growth and market share, was just as much my daily chore as creating the strategic road map for the marketing division.

I started working with the Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) when it had little recognition in the industry, even from advertisers. So, I came in with a singular goal which was to work with the Executive team and create an ADVAN that would take its rightful position in the industry and the nation as a thought leader. In the past years there have been many success points, and many firsts for the association which have cumulated into growth, respect and relevance for ADVAN within the industry and the nation as a whole. Some notable achievements are:

  • Established the first ever Newspaper Circulation Check: a first-of-its-kind study in Nigeria, which provided authentic circulation figures for newspapers in Nigeria.
  • Instituted an awards program for Marketing Excellence: The ADVAN Awards for Marketing essentially highlights the crucial position of marketing to business. The awards which also included a special category and focus for undergraduates is the most respected awards institution in the industry today.
  • Our continuous advocacy and conversations around better marketing has positioned ADVAN as a focal point in the Nigerian marcomms Industry.

A very specific challenge in the marketing industry in my country is… the limited understanding of the value of marketing to business success, as well its overall contribution to the country’s GDP.  The lack of reliable data in the Industry for effective planning also remains a key issue.

Our 2020 priorities are… encapsulated in our theme for the year “Creating Value for Marcomms” Our focus will be on:

  • Supporting our members with the required skills and tools for effective marketing;
  • Promoting the practice and profession of marketing in Nigeria;
  • Advocating for fair and relevant regulation of the Industry.

If I could change one thing about the marketing industry in 2020, it would be… to ensure that the marketing profession takes its rightful place as a valued profession in Nigeria, just as much as other respected professions like law, medicine, engineering, etc.

One thing most people don’t know about me is… I am a singer. I have been singing and composing songs for my church for over 15 years. I am also a certified professional counsellor and have co-established a living and lifestyle coaching institution called the Recharge Life Centre.

Facts about my country… Nigeria is a diverse multi-ethnic country with over 500 languages spoken. The country’s film industry known as ‘Nollywood’ is the second largest film industry in the world in terms of output. Traditional ceremonies for weddings and burials are an integral part of Nigerian cultural life. They are usually celebrated with a lot of pomp and flamboyancy and create opportunities to show off trendy clothing and delicious cuisine.

***My interview was done just before the protest against police brutality in Nigeria escalated to the point where peaceful protesters were shot and killed. These are truly challenging times in our country, but Nigerians have always been resilient and courageous, so I am confident that we will definitely come out of this as stronger people and a greater nation. Please keep us in your prayers.***

This is part of a series of monthly interviews with heads of national advertiser associations in WFA membership.

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