Slovenia association appoints new board

Slovenia association appoints new board

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Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek is the new president of the Slovenian Association of Advertisers

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7 January 2022

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The Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SOZ) has elected a new board and named Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek, Deputy Executive Director, Marketing & Development at retail company Mercator, as the new president of the Slovenian Association of Advertisers (advertiser arm of SOZ). She takes over from Mojca Avšič, Marketing and Customer Experience Director of Petrol d.d., who held the post from 2019-2021.

Andreja has a longstanding career in both the brand and agency side. Before joining Mercator in 2008, she previously worked for Luna/TBWA and OMD Slovenia.

The Slovenian association holds two big flagship events annually, the Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF) and the Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity which won a WFA President Award in 2019. In 2021, they launched an international internship programme to attract new talent in advertising, in conjunction with the Dutch industry association VIA and with the support of Mastercard.

The Slovenian Association of Advertisers' new board consists of:

  • Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek - Mercator (president)
  • Jure Bohinc - A1 Slovenia (vice-president)
  • Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič – Triglav Insurance Company
  • Simona Mladenović - NLB
  • Petra Oplotnik - Petrol
  • Aleš Petejan - Mastercard Slovenia
  • Alan Šćuric - Telekom Slovenia

The full list of SOZ’s Executive Committee members is available here. For more information, contact SOZ.

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