Outlook 2023

Outlook 2023

<p>Outlook 2023</p>

About Outlook

OUTLOOK is an industry-wide view on how media prices are forecast to evolve, globally, in the year ahead. It’s intended to help clients, and the industry at large, plan their media budgets and control their own exposure to inflation.

Particular thanks to the following companies for contributing data to power our latest aggregated update of 2022/2023:

Cortex Media, Dentsu, Ebiquity, Havas, IPG, Media Path, Omnicom Media Group, Publicis and R3

We would also like to thank the local market consultancies and auditors that have assisted in compilation of the numbers too. These include the below:

AJCME, MediaHub, STARS, Media Audit Korea, Bakara, Yurddas & Partners and SPI.

Cortex Media and Ebiquity played an additional key role to help introduce clearer criteria by which data contributors should provide their forecasts which is driving more accurate aggregated reporting.

Cortex and Ebiquity also joined forces with WFA to drive the data collection and contributor follow-up process associated with the exercise.

We are tracking price evolution across the top 38 ad spending markets and across multiple media channels. Data updates will be done twice per year (in H1 and H2).

To view the results in full screen, please click here.

These numbers represent average price inflation in its broadest sense and various assumptions have been made. For example, this data is based on:

  • full calendar year (broadcast only year for US TV)
  • all channels/publications/sites, etc.
  • full range of dayparts mixture of buying routes

Ultimately these forecasts are just that, forecasts only. This data is not intended to dictate the level of fees paid to agencies in any way, which are entirely the subject of individual negotiation.

WFA members can download the full data as an Excel file (XLS) here.
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