Meet the Global Marketer of the Year 2020 nominees: Jane Wakely, Mars

Meet the Global Marketer of the Year 2020 nominees: Jane Wakely, Mars

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Jane Wakely, Lead CMO at Mars Inc, is one of the six global marketers shortlisted for this year's WFA Global Marketer of the Year award in partnership with The Drum

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18 December 2020

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Jane Wakely is Lead CMO at Mars, Incorporated, where she’s driven the transformation of Mars’ marketing function. She believes that marketers should be architects of sustainable growth, and can make a meaningful and measurable difference in the world.

Jane’s committed to putting people, teams and brands at the heart of marketing, inspiring and empowering Mars teams to create mutual value for people, pets, partners and the planet. With brand innovations like PEDIGREE®’s Selfie-Stix and industry-wide collaborations like the Cannes Lion-winning The Lion’s Share, Mars is regularly celebrated as one of the most innovative, creative companies in the world.

Jane joined Mars over two decades ago for the great brands such as M&Ms®, SNICKERS®, PEDIGREE®, SHEBA® and ROYAL CANIN®, but has stayed for the people, principles and purpose of the company. She believes passionately in Mars’ purpose that the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today.

What are the things she's most proud of this year?

Jane has been a driving force in the transformation agenda of Mars’ marketing function. Together with her team, Jane launched Mars’ new marketing mandate, Building Brands for Mutual Value: a roadmap for sustainable growth with people, data, creativity and purpose at its heart. 

Jane is proud of the agility and creativity her teams and agency partners have shown in responding to the evolving needs of people and pets during 2020. From new brand innovations such as PEDIGREE®’s “Dogs on Zoom” leveraging technology and partnerships to connect potential adopters with shelter dogs virtually, keeping shelter communities safe and helping adoptable pets find forever homes; to leading industry collaborations such as the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) bringing advertisers, agencies and social media platforms together to increase brand safety and address harmful and misleading online – Mars has raised the bar in 2020 by accelerating the meaningful difference brands can make.

Also shortlisted for WFA Global Marketer of the Year 2020 are: