Better Marketing podcast 2023 key learnings

Better Marketing podcast 2023 key learnings

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This year we talked again to some of the brightest minds in the industry for our WFA podcast, bringing you tips and insights for better global marketing. As the year draws to a close, host David Wheldon gives his 2023 podcast highlights:

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19 December 2023

1. Keeping an airline relevant during the pandemic

Rudy Khaw, Chief Brand Officer, AirAsia
Dare to dream and use the data you have. That’s how AirAsia evolved from airline to super app in covid days.

2. Supporting journalism and ensuring brand safety

Gordon Crovitz, Co-founder, NewsGuard
Journalism is important in a democratic society and good journalism can be driven by advertising.

3. Setting fewer, but more meaningful targets

Rob Cameron, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestlé
Ask yourself how, as a brand, you can support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Especially goals 17 (collaboration) and 16 (peace, security, strong institutions).

4. Decarbonising the digital advertising ecosystem

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mastercard
As marketers, we have a responsibility to be sustainable. The WFA Planet Pledge is a playbook you can use to commit to sustainability.

5. Remembering AI is as much of a weapon against harmful content as it is a generator of it

Sir Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs, Meta
For every 10,000 bits of content that you might find scrolling on Facebook, you'll find two bits of hate speech. AI can have a positive impact on society, but only if properly harnessed.

6. Doing what you say you’ll do as a brand

Alberto Levy, Global CMO, Grupo Bimbo
With great companies come great responsibilities, so we need to face mankind’s biggest challenges.

7. Learning from emerging markets and across functions

Cristina Diezhandino, Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo, and WFA Global Marketer of 2022
What makes Diageo a very valuable WFA member is that the brand is eager to share knowledge for learning, especially when it comes to diversity.

8. Listening to the lessons of ‘uncommon collaboration’

Jane Wakely, Chief Consumer & Marketing Officer and Chief Growth Officer, International Foods, PepsiCo
There is so much industry evidence that diversity brings better performance, including diversity of thought.

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Thank you for being with us this year. See you in 2024 for more better marketing inspiration.

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