Why join WFA

Why join us

WFA is the only global network of marketers

Our purpose is better marketing. We enable more effective, efficient and sustainable marketing by:

  • Capitalising on the collective intelligence and resource of our network
  • Safeguarding and championing our members’ ability to market their products and services

You can’t solve every problem by yourself

That’s why our members turn to the collective intelligence and wisdom of our global network for help and inspiration.

We represent 120 of the world’s biggest brand owners and 60 national advertiser associations on six continents.

Together, this unique network represents 90% of global marketing communications spend, some US$900 billion per annum.

How can WFA help you?

WFA connects you to your peers, to the collective wisdom of the world's best marketers and enables you to take leadership positions on your priority issues. 

Principle-driven growth

Marketers in today’s world are facing a multitude of issues and the WFA helps me connect with others facing similar challenges to learn and be inspired. Through collective action we can make an enormous difference.

Syl Saller



Great ideas

You come here to learn, to listen, to borrow great ideas, to build on them. It’s a fabulous community and if you’re not in it, you’re missing out.

David Wheldon



Keeping brands relevant

If you want to be surrounded by the world’s best marketing minds, those who are pushing the boundaries, creating and keeping brands relevant, then I would come to WFA

Blake Cahill

Global Head of Digital Marketing,