About Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion in the Production Landscape

Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion in the Production Landscape - About

An introduction to WFA’s diversity & representation guide, with key insights and ideas from APR & MCA to drive D&I in the production space.

At WFA’s Global Marketer Week last month, WFA’s Global Marketer of the Year, Marc Pritchard shared Procter & Gamble’s journey in terms of driving diversity and inclusion within their company, across their partners and within communities around the world (to replay click here).

In this session, Camelia Cristache, WFA Senior Communications Manager and WFA Diversity & Inclusion Lead will present the key components of the world’s first-ever open-source guide to tackling diversity and representation issues throughout the entire creative process, from defining the business and brand challenges to evaluation and analysis. The guide has been co-developed by members of WFA’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force and is freely available to everyone in the industry as part of WFA’s ongoing commitment to boosting diversity and inclusion and improving representation globally.

Following the introduction of the D&R guide, we will welcome our guest speakers to share key insights & actionable ideas to recognize & remove barriers & improve sourcing that drives D&I in the production landscape. Facilitated by WFA, our panellists for this session will include: Advertising Production Resources (APR) & MurphyCobb.

Please find the recording here.


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