CDO FORUM: 2015 Year in Review

CDO FORUM: 2015 Year in Review

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The digital economy has given rise to Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

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1 January 2016
Also a growing number of companies riding on the wings of the ‘sharing economy’ zeitgeist like Airbnb and Uber. These companies’ lifeblood is digital. They are agile, innovative and, by design, in tune with a connected consumer.Catering for the connected consumer is essential for companies born before the digital age. The DIGITALFORUM focuses heavily on digital transformation; delivering a clearly cascaded digital strategy and rallying disparate individuals and departments around the world.

For many Chief Digital Officers, the starting point is developing the digital capabilities of local brand marketers. This has been a focus of various sessions.

The meteoric growth of smartphone requires the mastery of old channels such as search, social and email and new ones, including push and in-app.

Underpinning everything are the key enablers, data and content: providing the right message to the right person at the right time – so called ‘personalisation at scale’.

In 2015, we produced reports on Data Driven, Social Media and Search Marketing, offering members opportunities to benchmark and cut through some of the complexities.

To reflect the growing seniority and geographical reach of the community, it has been rebranded the CDOFORUM and has started to meet in Hong Kong.

CDOFORUM in numbers:

  • 4 meetings

  • 101 meeting attendees

  • 420 total contacts

  • >10 benchmark requests

  • 265 benchmark / research responses

  • 5 in-depth whitepaper studies

  • 2/3 of CDOFORUM who say that digital transformation is a priority

  • 90% of CDOFORUM planning to increase spend on analytics in next 12 months

  • 72% of CDOFORUM who say that data driven marketing is very or critically important for their organisations

2015 attendees:

  • Michael Aidan, Danone

  • Hanne Alblas, Association of Advertisers (Netherlands)

  • Philippe Armand, Nestlé

  • Fabio Arnoldo, Nike

  • Sophia Battle, Nike

  • Sophie Bell, Brown-Forman

  • Siro Bellone, Ferrero

  • Juliette Bétant, Coty, Inc.

  • Lennart Boorsma, Heineken

  • Lex Bradshaw-Zanger, McDonald's Corporation

  • Rafael Bueno, Ferrero

  • Blake Cahill, Philips

  • Juliana Chu, Kimberly-Clark

  • Elaine Chum, Philips

  • Wouter Coox, Procter & Gamble

  • Julien Coponat, Orange

  • Olaf Croon, Association of Advertisers (Netherlands)

  • Allister Cruz, Nike

  • Ranji David, Samsung

  • Bastiaan de Clercq, FrieslandCampina

  • Luuk De Jager, TomTom International BV

  • Allard De Wijkerslooth, Heineken

  • Gael Demenet, Groupe Bel

  • Sameer Desai, Mundipharma

  • Guillaume Du Gardier, Ferrero

  • Stuart Dunk, Nike

  • Kris Ekman, adidas group

  • David Ellison, Incorporated Society of British Advertisers

  • Sylvain Flaction, Nestlé

  • Jonny Freeman, BP plc

  • Thomas Froimovici, Ferrero

  • Lionel Fumado, Orange

  • Ruth Gao, Philips

  • Daren Goh, Philips

  • Wynthia Goh, SAP

  • Frederique Gouzart, Coty, Inc.

  • Martina Gripp, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

  • Géraldine Grümmer, Orange

  • Chiradeep Gupta, Unilever

  • Menno Haijma, Philips

  • Thomas Heilskov, Arla Foods

  • Stephanie Hericotte, Daniel Swarovski Corp. AG

  • Anke Hille, Beiersdorf

  • Rohan Kamra, Intel Corporation

  • Khairul Syahar Khalid , Nestlé

  • Alex Knigge, Emirates Group

  • Jasper Knoben, Philips

  • Hwee Mein Koh, Diageo

  • Istvan Kozari, Vodafone Group Services Ltd

  • Pascal Le Clainche, Johnson & Johnson

  • Thomas Lee, Visa Worldwide Pte Limited

  • Pierre Leurquin, Danone

  • May Lim, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

  • Elena Lim, Philips

  • Gerhard Louw, Deutsche Telekom AG

  • Antonia McCahon, Pernod Ricard

  • Jeremie Moritz, Pernod Ricard

  • Eleonore Ogrinz, Red Bull

  • Lee Peng Oh, BP plc

  • Timo Paulsson, Volvo Cars

  • Shukrita Puri, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Aseem Puri, Unilever

  • Benoit Radenne, Danone

  • Annerose Rathjen, Mars

  • Lubomira Rochet, L'Oréal

  • Thomas Romieu, LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton

  • Jean-Michel Ruelle, Nike

  • Hugo Saavedra, Mundipharma

  • Daniel Simon, Daimler

  • Alexandre Telinge, Philips

  • Travis Teo, SAP

  • Marion Thouvignon, TomTom International BV

  • Claudie Voland-Rivet, Union of Advertisers

  • Natalie Voth, Deutsche Telekom AG

  • Jamshed Wadia, Intel Corporation

  • Ji Wang, GlaxoSmithKline

  • Matt Warnock, Philips

  • Richard Willis, Mattel Inc.

  • Witold Zorski, Ferrero

What will 2016 bring?

While some pioneering organisations will be tempted to kill off the word ‘digital’ altogether in 2016, most will continue to gradually review and transform their digital channels, including a wholesale review of how the sprawling channels work with each other and across the enterprise. The C-Suite itself is likely to go through its own transformation, as relatively new positions such as Chief Digital Officer and Chief Experience Officer grow in popularity.

For more information, contact Matt.

Article details

  • Author:WFA


1 January 2016