Compendium of ad fraud knowledge for media investors

Compendium of ad fraud knowledge for media investors

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 The intention of this compendium is to raise awareness of ad fraud among brand owners and to provide the knowledge and best practices to effectively counter it. This document seeks to encourage brand owners to adopt these best practices and to work with industry partners to make the changes necessary to reduce fraud substantially. 

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3 June 2016

This document was championed by members of the WFA Global Transparency Group and approved by member of WFA’s MEDIAFORUM and CDOFORUM. The WFA have been supported in the creation, data and research behind this guide by, a research foundation focused on researching ad fraud, user rights violations and other malicious practices in the online advertising supply-chain. This document is intended as advice only and not a definitive guide. It aims to provide general, high level guidance to assist WFA members when taking unilateral decisions concerning their internal and external operations with digital media.


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