CDO Forum: 2016 Year in Review

CDO Forum: 2016 Year in Review

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‘Digital transformation’ has remained a focus in 2016. Much of this process is concerned with people, culture and organisations, and our content has concentrated on helping members to learn from one another.

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1 January 2017
Brands have been increasingly courting ‘start-ups’ for their technology, their spirit of agility and innovation. WFA research focused on the effectiveness of these relationships. There are inherent difficulties with getting ‘a speedboat and an ocean liner to co-exist’, and 88% of clients agree that brands often aren’t sure what their start-up arrangement will actually look like. But our sessions have dug deeper and found that brands with clear objectives and goals have made a success of these relationships.

Data and technology are also core to this group, but harnessing data and drawing meaningful insights from it remains a challenge. Data Management Platforms may provide part of the solution but the complexity of implementing these shouldn’t be underestimated. A data strategy is a start-point, with details on how this will be used and whether those use cases are within legal compliance.

Trust and privacy have become crucial for those in the CDOFORUM, described as “the future of brands” in a recent meeting. With the democratisation of information, competitive advantage can be obtained by those who are customer obsessed.

In 2016 and into 2017 the focus moves from ‘digital transformation’ to ‘digital maturity’. Hopefully WFA’s new digital maturity diagnostic tool can help brands to benchmark their progress on this journey.

DIGITALFORUM 2016 in numbers:

  • 1 new chair: Antonia McCahon, Global Digital Acceleration Director at Pernod Ricard

  • 5 meetings in 5 countries

  • 1 new market: Hong Kong

  • 100 participants

  • >540 contacts globally (+28% year-on-year)

  • 20 users of SONAR, the WFA digital maturity diagnostic

CDOFORUM 2016 attendees:

  1. Carlos A Hernandez, Abbot

  2. Kris Ekman, adidas

  3. Spencer Lee, AirAsia

  4. Yin LiYen, AirAsia

  5. Thomas Heilskov, Arla Foods

  6. Nik Ong, Aviva Digital Garage

  7. Anke Hille, Beiersdorf

  8. Yvonne Liu, Boehringer Ingelheim

  9. Oh Lee  Peng, BP

  10. Jonny Freeman, BP

  11. Grace Cheung, Cathay Pacific

  12. Priscilla Chok, Cathay Pacific

  13. Ashley Ho, Cathay Pacific

  14. Jimmy Lee, Cathay Pacific

  15. Marco Van Naarden, Cathay Pacific

  16. Ivan Jennings, Colgate-Palmolive

  17. Jules Song, Daniel Swarovski Corp.

  18. Jennifer Turner, Daniel Swarovski Corp.

  19. Fina Wong, Daniel Swarovski Corp.

  20. Thomas Holzapfel, Deutsche Telekom

  21. Cristian Citu, DHL

  22. MayLing Chan, Digi

  23. Ian Kennedy, Emirates Group

  24. Jaap Nellen, Ferrero

  25. Gary Zhao, Ferrero

  26. Gaël Demenet, Groupe Bel

  27. Ricardo Perez, Grupo Bimbo

  28. Sara Norberg, Heineken

  29. Alberto Tucci, Heineken

  30. Thomas Geister, Henkel

  31. Sabine Zantis, Henkel

  32. Suresh Balaji, HSBC

  33. Eugene  Kwek, HSBC

  34. Nick Graham, Huawei

  35. Sophie Khang, Intel

  36. Claudine Pache, Intel

  37. Jamshed Wadia, Intel

  38. Ignacio Guijarro Torres, Johnson & Johnson

  39. Caroline Stephens, Johnson & Johnson

  40. Lianne Mui, Kimberly-Clark

  41. Keith Wang, Kimberly-Clark

  42. Juliana Chu, Kimberly-Clark

  43. Bernd Larsen Linde, LEGO Group

  44. Tony Chow, Marriott

  45. Shivani Goswami, Mastercard

  46. Dominic Koh, Mastercard

  47. Richard Willis, Mattel

  48. Christian Ohm, Mazda Motor Corporation

  49. Clement Brossard, McDonald’s

  50. Adelene Chan, McDonald’s

  51. Yue TuckWai, McDonald’s

  52. Jason Fung, Mundipharma

  53. Aurelie Batmalle, Nespresso

  54. James Hansford, Nespresso

  55. Mattias Yeo, Nespresso

  56. Philippe Armand, Nestlé

  57. Sophie Dufouleur, Nestlé

  58. Blandine Ruf, Nestlé

  59. Carrie Shum, Nestlé

  60. Harald Behnke, Oracle

  61. Julien Coponat, Orange

  62. Xavier Beysecker, Pernod Ricard

  63. Antonia McCahon, Pernod Ricard

  64. Maybelline Tan, Pernod Ricard

  65. Caroline Tran, Pernod Ricard

  66. Blake Cahill, Philips General Purchasing

  67. Amy Lee, Red Bull

  68. Ben Johnson, SAP

  69. Travis Teo, SAP

  70. Dominic Chambers, TATA Group

  71. Smita Gupta, TATA Group

  72. Garley Man, The Estée Lauder Companies

  73. Luuk De Jager, TomTom International

  74. Nicola Fagiolo, TomTom International

  75. Diogo Miranda, TomTom International

  76. Marion Thouvignon, TomTom International

  77. Jacob van Duijn, TomTom International

  78. Andrew Coulter, Unilever

  79. Sarah Mansfield, Unilever

  80. Yvonne Lai, Visa

  81. Nicki Kenyon, Visa

  82. Charles Frump, Volvo Cars

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  • Author:WFA


1 January 2017