Insight Forum: 2016 Year in Review

Insight Forum: 2016 Year in Review

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The objective of INSIGHTFORUM is to improve how consumer insight specialists and marketers work together to generate actionable insights to inform unifying marketing ideas.

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1 January 2017
This group now boasts 150 professionals from WFA’s membership and is the only global network for global client-side consumer insight leaders. In 2016 the group welcomed its first Chair, Elinor Bateman, Director of Brand Insight and Sponsorship at Barclays, who hosted the first meeting of the year and shared the value derived from creating an insights community within the organisation.

The group met in London and, for the first time, in Singapore. Topics included critical areas for client-side market research specialists. New methodologies featured in every meeting, including demonstrations in leveraging artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis. The group also focused on improving the effectiveness of their function within large multinationals, including through tackling how to disseminate insights within global organisations.

Building on these themes, the group also held its first workshop hosted by BrainJuicer. This interactive session focused on better understanding the value of the insights function; seeking to understand how Consumer Insights departments measure their own contribution to profitable brand growth and how they may further improve in this area.

Between events, the group ran benchmarks amongst members on several topics including copy testing and recommended innovative brand tracking suppliers. The group also continued to share the findings from our Future of Insights Project with a webinar and remote meetings.

INSIGHTFORUM 2016 in numbers:

  • 3 forums and 2 workshops in 2 continents

  • 150 consumer insight specialists in the global network

  • Industry leadership with the Future of insights Project

INSIGHTFORUM 2016 attendees:

  • Carlos Hernandez, Abbott

  • Marc Hopkins, Adidas

  • Michael Jensen, Arla

  • Geraldine Guo, Audi

  • Rob Hancock, Aviva

  • Alexis Vernon, Barclays

  • Elinor Bateman, Barclays

  • Sophie Fromental, Bel Group

  • Martina Gripp, Boehringer-Ingelheiim

  • Nick Wright, BP

  • Laurence Miklichansky-Maddocks, Brown-Forman

  • Bashuli Sane, Cathay Pacific

  • Rashie Ratan, Coty

  • Juliette Scott, eBay

  • Rhea Fox, eBay

  • Parveen Bdesha, eBay

  • Abhinav Kandimalla, Emirates

  • Marisa Ng, Estee Lauder

  • Riccardo Brenna, Ferrero

  • Vikram Jain, Friesland Campina

  • Mei Kuen Lee , Friesland Campina

  • Linda Peek, Friesland Campina

  • Chris Miller, GSK

  • Alexandra Wren, GSK

  • Melanie Perreault, GSK

  • Maciej Zawisz, Heineken

  • Roberto Giannone, IKEA

  • Jyoti Jain , Johnson & Johnson

  • Bodi Yuhico, Johnson & Johnson

  • Simon Perry, Johnson & Johnson

  • Ana Ramirez Aguirrezabala, Jaguar Land Rover

  • Steve Hill, Jaguar Land Rover

  • Amy Chen, Lego

  • Kevin Chuo, Lego

  • Emma Peek, L’Oreal

  • Melanie Zaglia, Mars

  • Morgane Dannion, Mastercard

  • Kerry  Elsdon , Mastercard

  • Christian Ohm, Mazda

  • Charmaine Ong, McDonald’s

  • Beatriz Minamy, Nissan

  • Russell King, Orange

  • Andy Brown, Orange

  • Russell King, Orange

  • Anna Dudek, Pernod-Ricard

  • Zoe Willment, RBS

  • Yvan  Goupil, SAB Miller

  • Marina Kabus, Swarovski

  • Adam Palenicek , TCCC

  • Ewoud van Bennekom, TomTom

  • Sergio Andreu, Unilever

  • Philippe  Kahn, Volvo

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  • Author:WFA


1 January 2017