Sourcing Forum: 2016 Year in Review

Sourcing Forum: 2016 Year in Review

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Sourcing isn’t all about costs. It’s about managing suppliers so that you get the right services at the right price at the right time.

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1 January 2017
Within the marketing industry, this often means that sourcing spends more time on incremental value improvement, rather than savings. Many would agree that this is as it should be, and procurement’s influence undoubtedly continues to rise within global marketing organisations. So how can it best wield this influence?

Many marketing procurement members feel that the ways they contribute the most to a brand’s business success is not through savings, but through helping marketing run capability assessments, pitch management, scope of work and briefing alignment, remuneration model setting/planning and performance reviews. There’s much to do here and if marketing involves sourcing in these areas it can help to streamline a great variety of complex business processes, which of course frees up time for marketing to work on building great brands.

Who owns agency management has been one of the most important questions for the SOURCINGFORUM over the past 18 months, no matter whether it has met in Singapore, London, Shanghai or New York. Approaches differ depending on business, legacy and internal culture, but the most mature marketing procurement teams are steadily leveraging more responsibility in these fields.

As agency rosters get ever more complex, it will be interesting to see how many more global brands draw on their sourcing teams to help them take ownership of their diverse and interdependent marketing supply chains.

SOURCINGFORUM 2016 in numbers:

  • 800 marketing procurement specialists in the global network

  • Met 7 times in Paris, London, Shanghai, Singapore and New York

  • 71 members attended meetings

SOURCINGFORUM 2016 attendees: 

  • Lucy Xue, ABI

  • Fang Fang, ABI

  • Coreen Marie McCullough, Adidas

  • Michael Pues-Tillkamp, Adidas

  • Gregory Wright, ANA

  • Bill Duggan, ANA

  • Kasper Bo, Arla Foods

  • Thomas Jahn, Arla Foods

  • Michael Torp-Hansen, Arla Foods

  • Calvin Yuen, Arla Foods

  • Pascale de Felix, Bel Groupe

  • Carole Brège, Bel Groupe

  • Carol Wang, Boehringer-Ingelheim

  • Andras Mohos, Carlsberg

  • Jessica Lam, Cathay Pacific

  • Sergiusz Szacki, Colgate Palmolive

  • Cong Sun, Daimler

  • Yousra Ramadan, Danone

  • Angela Gao, Danone

  • Watana Muadmanee, Danone

  • Thomas Holzapfel, Deutsche Telekom

  • James  Taylor, Diageo

  • Cici Ling, Diageo

  • Ingrid Huang, Diageo

  • Hwee Mein Koh, Diageo

  • Terence Chua, Diageo

  • Sarah Newnham, Diageo

  • Edward LoDebole, Diageo

  • Roger Battacharia, Diageo

  • Amy Redford, eBay

  • Laura Wang, eBay

  • Michael E. Thyen, Eli Lilly

  • Nathalie Auvray, Estée Lauder

  • Marissa Ng, Estée Lauder

  • Nathalie Auvray, Estée Lauder

  • Mary Ann Kirsch, FCA Group

  • Roel Borremans, Friesland Campina

  • Reitze Feldmeijer, Friesland Campina

  • Michelle Chin, GSK

  • Benson Cheng, GSK

  • Ji Wang, GSK

  • Claire Muret Grimbert, GSK

  • Wenli Le, Heineken

  • Joyce Zhu, Heineken

  • Janet Lee, Huawei

  • Linda Sandholm, IKEA

  • Sophie Li, IKEA

  • Andreas Sjöberg, IKEA

  • Per Nordström, IKEA

  • Sioban Shortt, IKEA

  • Kate Brown, IKEA

  • Kiesi  M’baku, Intel

  • Candice Zhou, Intel

  • Traci Dunne, ISBA UK

  • Traci Dunne, ISBA UK

  • Camille Gautier, Johnson & Johnson

  • Pierre-Antoine Fevre, Johnson & Johnson

  • Judy Chen, Johnson & Johnson

  • Mei Yu, Johnson & Johnson

  • Xinghua Dong, Jaguar Land Rover

  • Qian Cang, Jaguar Land Rover

  • Zad Zhang, Kimberly-Clarke

  • Liela Liu, Kimberly-Clarke

  • Anne  Wilson, Lego

  • Lone Koch, Lego

  • Eileen Tan, Lego

  • Christine Fu, Lego

  • Myriam Benichou, L’Oreal

  • Elsa Shean, L’Oreal

  • Smriti Shah, L’Oreal

  • Myriam Benichou, L’Oréal

  • Assya Benou-Halima, L’Oréal

  • May Lam, LVMH

  • Mary Ann Brennan, Mattel

  • Anna Barej, McDonald’s

  • Katrina Bott, Michael Kors

  • Tiffany Sen, Moët Hennessy USA

  • Sioban Shortt, Mondelez

  • Laetitia Lacour, Mondelez

  • Paul Daniels, Mondelez

  • Sunil Shankar, Mondelez

  • Marion Guigues, Mondelez

  • Anne Maclean, Mondelez

  • Sal Vitale, Mondelez

  • Beth Crimmins, Mondelez

  • Ann  Daly, Nestlé

  • Galina  Gorshkova, Nike

  • Kelvin Chen, Nike

  • Erik Bai, Nike

  • Candy Shu, Nike

  • Wan Ching Goh, Novartis

  • Klaus Kindelmann, Novartis

  • Donna Bess, Novartis

  • Samira Amgroud, Orange

  • Joseph Salem, Orange

  • George Giassopoulos, Pfizer

  • Kyle G Peckens, Pfizer

  • Carina Casey, RBS

  • Lesley Jamieson, RBS

  • Lenka Laurinova, SAB Miller

  • Gianpaolo Gagliardi, Shell

  • Rowena Chan, Shell

  • Cynthia Yang, Sony

  • Elaine Lu, Sony

  • Pessy Pei Chan, Sony

  • Aida Garcia Alvela, Sony

  • Alexander Kellner, Swarovski

  • Ronnie Xue, Swarovski

  • Jeffrey Walter, TCCC

  • Owen Li, TCCC

  • Joy Wang, TCCC

  • Vivian Jiang, TCCC

  • Tina Kataria, TCCC

  • Sarah Armstrong, TCCC

  • Tracey Mackay, TCCC

  • Shelley Kench, TCCC

  • Athénaïs Rigault, UDA France

  • Lily Xu, Unilever

  • Sarah Han, Unilever

  • Konstantinos Hatzivalasis, Unilever

  • Romina Peric, Unilever

  • Cari Medina, Unilever

  • Lily Wang, Visa

  • Mano Manikkam, Visa

  • Yvonne Ong, Visa

  • Marcus Riccoboni, Vodafone

  • Céline Biette-Danielli, Vodafone

  • Hampus Törnskog, Volvo

  • Ellie Huijing, Volvo

  • Ted Kadala, Volvo

  • Hampus Tornskog, Volvo

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Article details

  • Author:WFA


1 January 2017