ABA publishes guidance for a more transparent and accountable ad industry in Brazil

ABA publishes guidance for a more transparent and accountable ad industry in Brazil

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New guide aims to foster better relationships between advertisers and other industry stakeholders

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21 December 2021

The Brazilian Association of Advertisers (ABA) has launched the “Guide to best practices for the advertising market: for free, powerful, transparent, ethical and responsible advertising!”, which aims to help foster better relationships between different industry stakeholders in Brazil.

The new guidance highlights principles and best practices to encourage better conduct and uphold standards when it comes to advertising contracts and governance. These are meant to promote freedom of negotiation, transparency, efficiency and quality of advertising production, and ultimately contribute to the sustainable growth of the ad ecosystem. The five principles include:

  1. Commitment towards transparency and contractual autonomy;
  2. Certifications and/or fixed discount tables should not be mandatory;
  3. Endorse brand safety and protection against fraud;
  4. Ensure viewable, trustworthy and consumer-friendly media;
  5. Endorse industry audits and measurement.

ABA Brazil_best practice guide_Dec21
From left to right: Frank Pflaumer (ABA 1st Vice President and VP of Marketing, Communication & Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Brazil); Nelcina Tropardi (ABA President and VP & Co-founder, Arca+); and Sandra Martinelli (ABA Executive President).

The ABA guide was developed in conjunction with over 80 senior leaders and members of the ‘Movement for Good Practices in the Brazilian Advertising Market’ from the advertiser, agency, media owner and platform side. The association emphasised that the guide is a “work in progress” and will regularly revisit and update the document based on impending changes in the industry.

The guide is publicly available in English, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish. A one-pager in Spanish is also available here. For more information, contact ABA.

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