Adjacency Standards and Controls Working Group


Current GARM work on the Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework helps ensure that advertisers, agencies and platforms buy and sell content that is safe for all and suitable for individual organizations.

However, the webpage layout, format and platform structures often present a challenge to advertisers. Specifically, these formats can have an impact on brands ability to control how close content that is non-compliant with their brand safety guidelines is to their advert.

Our Goal:

Following on from work progressed in the working group on standards and definitions, this working group will convene key partners in the digital advertising industry to create consistency in how we define and measure the placement of advertising in digital and social media formats, in a way that is similar to TV, streaming video, print, radio while recognizing the unique qualities of these new formats.

This group will develop a format specific framework (informed by consumer and media research) for online advertising which will establish a tool for media placement controls online. This will bring together GARM-driven platform content categorization and adjacency preferences.

Our impact

What’s been achieved:
• Working group formation: Dec 2020
• Working scope agreement: Jan 2021
• Industry immersion on existing research and tools: Ongoing

Who's involved

  • For more information or questions, please contact The GARM team at