Measurement and Oversight Working Group


The work to measure and report platform safety operations is challenging for marketers to access and understand. The lack of a common and simplified framework makes it harder for the advertising industry to understand the progress and challenges of digital media platform safety operations.

Our Goal

Bring measurement of brand safety into focus for the advertising industry. GARM will do this by creating a simplified, aggregated reporting framework to better understand how the advertising industry is measuring the challenge and responding to harmful content and content that violates its safety policies.

This reporting framework will help identify best practices and challenges via a series of questions; how safe the platform is for consumers, how safe the platform is for advertisers, how effective the platform is in enforcing its safety policies and how responsive the platform is in addressing errors in content moderation policy enforcement.

Our Impact

What’s been achieved
• Working group formation: Jul 2020
• Working group scope agreement: Jul 2020
• Solution proposal: Jan 2021
• Solution agreement: Apr 2021 (GARM Aggregated Measurement Report – Vol 1)

Who's involved

  • For more information or questions, please contact The GARM team at