Standards and Definitions Working Group


The way that online advertising is purchased and placed involves many actors from different organisations (marketer, agency, platform, ad-tech company) which means that advertisers often lack transparency regarding where ads are placed.

With so many actors involved, significant fragmentation can occur regarding the definition, interpretation, and subsequent tagging of media needed to clarify the safety and suitability of content for advertising purposes.

Ensuring brand safety across the online eco-system is a key priority for GARM to ensure that ads are not being placed next to, or inadvertently funding, content which could be harmful to individuals or society.

However, this fragmented environment means it can be extremely challenging to carry out ad placement strategies based on individual brand standards.

Our Goal:

Create an industry wide common framework of definitions to drive transparency, consistency and control in the placement of ads online. The adoption of this framework will allow for a common framework to scale across platforms, geographies and formats. This framework will be used by advertisers, agencies, platforms, and ad tech companies.

Our Impact

What’s been achieved:
• Working group formation: Dec 2019
• Working group scope agreement: Jan 2020
• Solution proposal set: May 2020
• Solution agreement reached: Sept 2020 (GARM Brand Safety Floor + Suitability Framework)

Who's involved

  • For more information or questions, please contact The GARM team at