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Insight Forum

Helping the global consumer insight community to develop their functions to strategic consultants for their organisations. 

Through peer-to-peer learning and being exposed to exciting new methodologies, this group of global client-side market research leaders learns how to evolve their functions towards playing an increasingly central role in their company’s transformation. From a marketing stakeholder view-point, this often focuses on delivering actionable insights to inform unifying marketing strategies.

The Insight Forum boasts more than 600 consumer insight professionals from WFA’s member companies. The group is the only global network for global client-side consumer insight leaders.

Primary areas of focus


Exploring innovative new methodologies as well as understanding how to get more value from existing approaches, such as brand trackers.


Understand how to make the CI function operate more effectively with its multitude of stakeholders, from marketing all the way to board level.


Developing consumer insight talent into new areas and levels of proactivity. To evolve the function to the status of an internal strategic consultancy.


WFA Contact


  • Angelica Beard

    Angelica Beard

    Senior Director, Global Insights & Analytics, Visa
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