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Digital Governance Exchange

As consumers spend more and more of their time online, digital marketing is now a major focus for many brand owners.

Global ad spend for digital marketing now surpasses even TV. Digital presents brand owners with new and exciting opportunities to connect with consumers, but also raises a number of challenges including privacy concerns, data protection and knowing where to draw the line between ‘disruptive’ and ‘annoying’ when it comes to online ads.

WFA’s Digital Governance Exchange (DGX) is a forum for brand owners to discuss these challenges, with a focus on creating better interactions between brands and consumers in a digital world. As consumers become increasingly sceptical about the role of advertising in their digital lives, brands are facing increased regulatory scrutiny as data-driven marketing and other digital advertising techniques evolve.

DGX aims to help brands address this decline in trust by building connections across sectors and between functions to seek solutions for digital governance which go beyond compliance to build and repair trust with consumers.

The DGX group is chaired by Jacqui Stephenson, Global Responsible Marketing Director at Mars Chocolate.


Sharing best practice

The DGX agenda is member-driven, with a focus on identifying practical solutions and sharing best practice.

Building connections

DGX is a unique network of peers, bringing together diverse points of view from marketing, legal, public affairs and others to create unique opportunities for collaboration and information sharing.

Trends and insights

WFA’s DGX team provides guidance on major policy and societal developments in the digital sphere, with a focus on how they will impact global marketers in a practical sense.

Adblocking represents a rejection of the online advertising experience.

People find that it can be frustrating and annoying. And sometimes, it just gets in the way of the content they want to access. But it also threatens the way the Internet we know and enjoy is currently funded. It equally poses an enormous challenge for brands hoping to engage consumers online.

We believe that there should be a middle-ground which balances the consumer experience with brands’ ability to connect with people online under certain conditions.

This is why we are a founding member of the Coalition for Better Ads. Its goal is to improve the online ad experience by gathering consumer data about the types of ads they least prefer, in order to help the global marketplace take steps to deliver better online ad experiences.

Under this initiative, WFA works with global partners, including brands (P&G and Unilever), agencies (GroupM, Omnicom), publishers (Reuters, The Washington Post), ad tech platforms and leading international trade associations.



  • Jacqui Stephenson

    Jacqui Stephenson

    Global Responsible Marketing Officer

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