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<p>In-House Forum</p>

Helping senior global marketing professionals navigate the process of in-housing for their organisation.

Based on the growing trend of in-housing creative services, the In-House Forum was launched to provide WFA members a platform to share experiences, challenges and solutions on their own models. From creative to programmatic, this group covers all the common areas when bringing services in-house. Topics of discussion include agile ways of working, measuring performance and success of your in-house agency, and expanding capabilities and skill sets.

Value is delivered through critical research and reports, physical and remote forums, and online tools and benchmarking services.

The group is chaired by Tracy Stallard, Global VP, Experiential & In House Agency (draftLine) at AB InBev.



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Discussion topics:

  • Internal structure/ in-house agency models;
  • Stakeholder management (making a case for in-housing);
  • Internal acceptance/adoption of in-house agency;
  • Expanding capabilities and skillsets;
  • Attracting and retaining talent;
  • Collaboration with external agencies;
  • Integration/collaboration between multiple in-house studios;
  • In-house production;
  • How to write a great brief;
  • Managing workflow (increased projects, prioritisation);
  • SOW management;
  • Driving innovation internally;
  • In-house media buying;
  • Measuring performance and success;
  • Agency evaluations;
  • Remuneration models.
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