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Media Forum

Media Forum

Providing insights, solutions and action for media focused clients in the industry.

WFA’s Media Forum focuses on providing clarity within a global media market which has never been so complex. Planning, strategy and channel selection; routes-to-market; internal and external capability; media measurement, verification and evaluation; media auditing and consulting…all facets of the media industry have changed significantly in recent years. Clients have an imperative to ‘transform’ their media operations and this is where the WFA can help.

Representing more than 700 contacts around the world, the Media Forum connects professionals from increasingly diverse roles. In addition to Global Media leads, it’s not uncommon to find programmatic and data specialists within this network, as well as those from the procurement side of the business. The connecting tissue is a common interest in paid media – offline and online.

Value is delivered through critical research and reports, physical and remote forums, and online tools and benchmarking services.

The group is co-chaired by Gerry D’Angelo, VP Global Media at P&G, and Isabel Massey, Global Media Director, Diageo.

The group in APAC is chaired by Silas Lewis-Meilus, Global Head of Media Business Unit at GSK.


Programmatic trading & operating models

Helping with decisions around what to bring in-house and what to outsource.

Technology & data

Providing insight on the best application of tools across the ad tech ecosystem from programmatic technologies through to verification and media measurement.

Transparency & partners

Perhaps the most enduring topic for the WFA media community is working with partners and ensuring that this relationship is effective and transparent.



  • Silas Lewis-Meilus

    Silas Lewis-Meilus

    Global Head of Media Business Units, Haleon
  • Isabel Massey

    Isabel Massey

    VP, Global Media, Marketing, Diageo

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