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Agency Management Forum

<p>Agency Management Forum</p>

The Agency Management Forum gives global and regional agency management leaders the chance to come together and discuss common interests on agency management.

The Agency Management Forum is one of WFA’s newest communities. The group connects agency management experts in peer-to-peer meetings to look for ways to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and agility of their agency partnerships. Regular agenda items include transformation of agency roster models, pitching and integrated briefing.

Value is delivered through critical research and reports, physical and remote forums, and online tools and benchmarking services.

The group is chaired by Tammy Hourigan, Global Agency Relations Director at Unilever.



  • Tammy Hourigan

    Tammy Hourigan

    Global Agency Relations Director at Unilever

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Discussion topics:

  • Identifying new and innovative partners
  • Agency roster models
  • Pitching and agency reviews
  • Effective agency relations (how to be a great partner)
  • Agency evaluations
  • Collaboration between (in-house and) external agencies
  • Incentivising agencies
  • SOW management
  • How to write a great brief (integrated briefing)
  • Identifying partners demonstrating strong commitment towards & reflecting diversity and inclusion
  • Remuneration models & contracts
  • Collaboration between marketing and procurement
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